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Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Get expert help with your online marketing – without the cost of a full-time marketing employee

Dear Business Owner,

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing, but don’t need a full-time digital marketing manager, I can help.

Since 2005, I’ve been helping all sorts of businesses with their online marketing. Those range from small, family-run firms to companies that are valued in the tens of millions.

What is a “digital marketing consultant” anyway?

To me, a digital marketing consultant is someone who can work with you to make good marketing decisions – and then help you implement those decisions.

So it’s a mix of…

Analysis: Understanding your business, your marketing assets and opportunities, and analysing your competition.

Strategy – taking the results of that analysis and coming up with a plan that’s tailored to your unique situation.

Implementation – Working with you to execute that plan. That might mean acting as a consultant who is there to answer your questions so you can keep you on the right path. Or it could mean taking responsibility for the implementation of the whole plan – doing the work where I have the expertise, or bringing in someone to provide skills I don’t have.

(As you can imagine, over the years, I’ve built up an extensive network of talented marketers I can draw from.)

What I can do for you

I’m what’s sometimes called a “t-shaped” marketer.

That’s a marketer who has a broad knowledge of a wide range of marketing methods and an in-depth knowledge of 1 or 2 of those.

In my case, I’ve been managing pay per click accounts since 2006. I’ve also been writing copy – emails, ads, and websites etc.

So, as well as helping you with your marketing strategy, I could…

✔️ Manage your Google or Facebook ads

✔️ Write your email newsletter or follow-up sequences

✔️ Write – or re-write – your web pages

✔️ Increase the conversion rate of your website

✔️  Those are my areas of deep knowledge.

Those are my areas of deep knowledge.

And, although I don’t do SEO, I know enough to be able to tell good SEOs from bad (and there’s a lot of bad out there). That means, I can help with SEO strategy and outsourcing.

Who is this for?

This is for ambitious companies who want to market aggressively – and profitably – online, but don’t need someone who is full-time.

These would be companies that either…

Don’t have a dedicated marketing manager – or have a marketing manager who’s an expert in offline marketing, but not digital marketing.


Have an existing marketing manager who needs help with some aspects of online marketing.

How this approach saves you money

If you were to hire a full-time digital marketing manager – and you want someone who is experienced and talented – it’s going to cost you.

You’re going to have to pay them a high salary, and there are all the other costs of having an employee. (Pension, NI, holidays, sick pay etc.)

And, if you really NEED someone full-time, then you probably have to go down that road.

But, if you only need someone for a day or two a week, I believe my “part-time marketing manager” approach will give you the best bang for your buck.

You pay for what you need – not for some arbitrary 40-hour workweek – with none of the overheads (or commitment) of hiring an employee.

What sort of businesses have I worked with?

Here’s a partial list of the industries I’ve worked in since 2005…

Trades – roofers, gas engineers

Home improvements – kitchen and bathroom fitters, loft extension companies

SaaS (Software-as-a-service)


Legal and professional services

Business services – IT Support, printing, web hosting, web design, telecommunications, office supplies and outfitting

Entertainment, hospitality and tourism

Leisure – golf, chess

Information marketing and education

Property services – investment, letting and

Personal Finance 

Health, fitness and supplements

Consumer goods and services

What my clients say

Here are comments from just a few of my clients…

“Saved Over £100,000”

“Steve has delivered a cost saving to us in excess of £100,000 since taking over our campaign. He has improved the campaigns immensely and always backs up his claims with clear stats. He is a true professional.” – Yan Gabay, Endowment Express

“I’m getting 20 times as many enquiries”

“I spent substantial money on PPC and barely saw any return at all. Since hiring Steve to manage my adwords – and making the changes he suggested for my website – I’m getting 20 times as many enquiries (I’ve counted them – a 2,000% increase!) and my adwords campaign is now very profitable.” – Ian Ashworth , shopfitDIRECT.co.uk

“The difference you’ve made to my business is astounding!”

“It’s been over two months now and I’ve been so busy this is the first day I’ve had off. The difference you’ve made to my business is astounding!” – Anthony O’Neill, ForefrontCleaning.co.uk

How to get started

Right now, you don’t know if I’m a good fit for you. And I’ve no idea if you’re a good fit for me.

So let’s start by having a chat.

I’ll ask you about your business, what you’d like to achieve, and what’s standing in your way.

If we feel I can help you, we can take it from there.

So click here to complete a short enquiry form and we can get started.

All the best,

Steve Gibson

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