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Copywriting Services

Ever wondered why most websites get conversion rates of just 1%-3%?

Think about it: 100 people come to your website, and almost every single one leaves without buying or enquiring.

Why? It’s not like they got to your website by accident. They didn’t take a wrong turn on the way to youtube. They came to your website for a reason.

And, if they came from Google, that reason is that they want what you’re selling… and they want it NOW.

So what went wrong?

The Problem: Weak Copy

I’d suggest the #1 reason why people don’t buy is that your copy hasn’t gotten them off the fence. And, specifically, it hasn’t answer the #1 in their head.

That question?

“Why should I buy from you, rather than your competitor?”

And that question has some friends… friends like:

  • How will your product solve my problem better than the alternatives?
  • Why is it good value for money?
  • Why should I buy it from you?
  • Why should I believe you?
  • Why should I buy it today?

Aren’t these the exact same questions you have when you’re about to buy?

Take a look at your copy

Take a look at the copy on your website. Does it answer these questions?

Chances are, it doesn’t.

In which case, you might need a copywriter.

Here are some of the things good copy can do for your business:

– Position your products and services within the market

– Answer the question “why should someone buy from you instead of your competitors”

– Build the value of your products within the minds of your prospects

– Create a sense of trust between you and your prospects

– Increase the number of sales and enquiries your marketing produces


“A sales letter that hits all the key selling points”

“Steve quickly grasped the complexities of my rather niche business, and produced a sales letter that hits all the key selling points”


Request a Free Copy Review

If you’ve got a sales piece – and that means a website, ad, sales letter, flyer, email – you believe could be improved, email me and I’ll have a look at it.

If I believe it can be improved, I’ll tell you why and I’ll quote you a price for re-writing it.

(And, if I think it’s fine as it is, I’ll tell you so.)

So, just email me at steve@stevegibsonconsulting.co.uk with “copywriting review” in the heading and I’ll get back to you within a couple of days.

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson

“More enquiries mean more profits!”

“Thank you Steve for the excellent and professional service in the re-writing of my website. Most importantly, it’s already making a difference to the number of visitors contacting me after reading. More enquiries mean more profits! Thanks.”

Sandy Hristov