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Good copywriting is essential to your business.

Here’s why: when someone tries your product or service for the first time, they’re not buying that product or service, they’re buying what they believe about it.

Now, sometimes that belief comes from a review – or from a recommendation by a friend. That’s why “word of mouth” is so effective.

(And why referred prospects are much easier to convert.)

But, most of the time, the belief comes from your sales copy – whether it’s your web pages, your ads, or your emails.

And that’s why good sales copy can be the difference between a business that struggles, one that just chugs along, and one that’s growing rapidly.



“36% higher profit per sale”
“Steve increased my average net sale by 36% just by adding a single sentence to my landing page.” – Ibrahim Kotwal

Good copy is not “fancy writing”

Of course, you want a copywriter who can write well. Bad writing wouldn’t reflect well on your business, or persuade people to trust you.

But good grammar is easy to hire.

The real difference between good copy and bad copy isn’t writing ability, it’s the ability to understand and persuade your prospects.

And understanding your prospects comes down to understanding what the world looks like to them. In particular, their “stage of awareness.”

Let me explain: imagine you have a painful splinter in your big toe. Every time you walk, you feel a sharp jabbing pain.

And, try as you can, you can’t get the splinter out.

You’re what’s called “problem aware.”

So let’s say you go to Google and type “how to remove a splinter.”

If you see an ad that says, “Discover the easiest way to remove a splinter,” that ad is speaking directly to what you want.

It’s calling out people who, like you, are problem aware.

On the other hand, if you see an ad that says, “Splinter Tweezers – just £5,” that ad is “solution aware.” It doesn’t match your stage of awareness, and you’re not going to click on it.

And that’s why stage of awareness is so important. Get it right and you have your prospect’s intense interest. Get it wrong and your ad gets met with indifference.

So good copy starts with understanding your prospect’s stage of awareness and their “stage of sophistication” – what offers they’re likely to have seen from your competitors.

Then it combines these – along with deep research of your product, your prospects and your competitors – to craft a sales message that’s uniquely powerful. One that’ll make your prospect want to buy from you – and only you.

“A 481% increase in conversion rate”

“I was already aware of Steve’s reputation and expected to see an improvement in conversion rate; I was however pleasantly surprised to see an instant rise compared to the same period of the previous year of 481%.” – John Heeds

How can I help you with your copy?

So, if you’re looking for a copywriter – one who can write highly-converting copy – let’s talk.

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Steve Gibson