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Pay Per Click Management

Google Ads used to be simple.

When I first started managing Google Ads campaigns for clients – back in 2006 – clicks were dirt cheap and campaigns were easy to set up.

But, since then, the cost of clicks has increased far faster than inflation and the system has become increasingly complicated.

So, if you want to compete, you’ll either have to invest a lot of time (and trial-and-error) in learning how PPC works.


You can hire someone like me.

Why you should hire a professional to manage your Google Ads account

The famous oil rig firefighter, Red Adair, once said…

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

This is particularly true with Google Ads. In fact, if you make some common mistakes with your account setup, Google will charge you extra money for clicks.

That’s right. You could find you have competitors paying £1 per click while Google is charging you £2 or £3.

Just because your account wasn’t set up the right way.

It’s “money in” v “money out”

Knowing how to properly set up an account – or fix an account with problems – is just one thing a Google Ads professional can do for you.

But what really makes the difference between one PPC manager and another is their understanding of marketing.

You see, profitable marketing comes down to spending less for a website visitor than you earn from that visitor.

And your pay per click profit comes down to…

Profit = (What you earn per click – what you pay per click) x number of clicks
That might seem obvious – and not even worth mentioning – but it touches on a key secret to pay per click success…

You have 3 ways to increase your PPC profits

You can increase your Google Ads profits by cutting your cost per click. Or you could increase profit by getting more clicks…

But you can also increase them by earning more from your PPC visitors.

That could mean improving your web pages so more of your visitors buy or enquire. Or it could mean tweaking your marketing strategy.

And that’s where my expertise as a digital marketing consultant and copywriter separates me from most PPC managers.

My unique approach to PPC management

In fact, I have a unique approach to maximising my clients’ PPC profits.

I laid out this strategy in my book The PPC Multiplier Method.

And, if you click the link above, you can download your free copy.
It explains how I help my clients get…

✔️ 8-15 times more website visitors…
✔️ 15-30 times as many sales…
✔️ 33-50% lower cost per conversion…
✔️ 25-100% more revenue per customer…
✔️ 400%-1,000% higher profit

All by using this simple strategy.

So, if you’re looking for a Google Ads manager, why not check out the book? As I mentioned, it’s free. It’ll take around an hour to read. And, if you’re excited by what you read, we can talk about me helping you with your PPC.

All the best,

Steve Gibson

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