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What People Are Saying About Me

Below are comments from some of the businesses owners I’ve worked with:

“Saved Over £100,000”

“Steve has delivered a cost saving to us in excess of £100,000 since taking over our campaign. He has improved the campaigns immensely and always backs up his claims with clear stats. He is a true professional.” – Yan Gabay, Endowment Express

“481% increase in conversion rate”

“Following the advice of Steve Gibson and giving greater thought to areas that he felt were overlooked I made some simple changes to the layout of my site all aimed at increasing customer confidence.

I was already aware of Steve’s reputation and expected to see an improvement in conversion rate; I
was however pleasantly surprised to see an instant rise compared to the same period of the previous year of 481%. I am obviously extremely happy to enjoy so much benefit from his straight forward and simple advice.” – Jon Heeds, notanangel.co.uk

“A 100% increase in the amount of orders”

“We have made all the changes you suggested in the last week. The results so far have showed a 100% increase in the amount of orders.” – Asif Mohammed, Deviltronics.com

“Enquiries Up By 30%”

“Many thanks Steve for all your help, I am more than pleased with the level of enquiries we are getting now through PPC which has risen by at least 30% and also the quality of the enquiry has improved too, reaching a more targeted audience. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a cost effective & professional maketing consultant for PPC services.”
Anne Malone, Noiseair Consultants

“Increased average net sale by 36% with just one sentence”

“Steve increased my average net sale by 36% just by adding a single
sentence to my landing page. Another split test success!” – Ibby Kotwal, PeopleTraceOnline.co.uk

“Our Bills Reduced While Our Website Conversions Increased Significantly”

“We believed that we already had an efficient Adwords campaign, but we decided to give Steve Gibson Consulting an opportunity to improve our DIY setup.

I must say that we were pleased with the immediate benefits of Steve’s knowledge of how to set up keywords and how to design adverts, which saw our bills reduce while our website conversions increased significantly.

Steve then suggested some improvements to our pages and showed us how we could directly compare the new page with the old page by setting up a split test.

Setting up the test was really easy with Steve’s guidance and after a few days we discovered to our delight that the new version that Steve had suggested was beating the old version by 18% (on top of the earlier gains from improving our campaign).

I would recommend Steve Gibson’s services to anyone running a CPC campaign. Our experience shows that even if you think your campaign is running well Steve will be able to find ample scope for
improvement.” – Tom McClelland, 12Pay.co.uk.

“We have more work than we can cope with”

“Bl**dy Adwords

Turn it off!!! Stop it NOW!!!!!

Only joking!

Thought you would like to know the PPC campaign, is a bit crazy, we have more work than we can cope with, seriously. The phone don’t stop ringing, I am at the point of over qualifying leads. Before going out to see someone, I tell ’em on the phone the price for a drawing and they say, how soon can you get here!!!

We may have to pause the campaign for a bit to catch our breath, I can’t keep up!!

Thanks for all your help, really appreciate it.” – Keith Rogers,

“Your services have been paid for several times over”

“I am extremely pleased and grateful for the work that has been done. As you know, the enquiries I have turned into sales will bring in over
£1200, so your services have been paid for several times over!” – Matthew Evans – View3sixty.co.uk

“Our sales have increased… A VERY VERY big thank you!!”

“Deciding to use you Steve was the best decision I made in ages!! Your rock solid Money back guarantee tipped me over the edge and all I can say is thank you. Our sales have increased, both clients and potential clients are for the irst time EVER giving us ‘unsolicited’ praise for the changes we made – and
your suggestions were smart and have made the difference within 4 weeks of the time we spent together. A VERY VERY big thank you!!” Rob Holmes –Matrixx Hosting

“The Difference You’ve Made To My Business Is Astounding!”

“It’s been over two months now and I’ve been so busy this is the first day I’ve had off. The difference you’ve made to my business is astounding!” – Anthony O’Neill, ForefrontCleaning.co.uk

“Very Impressed With Your Professionalism”

“Must say I am very impressed with your professionalism, wish all marketers
were like you (that is clear advice without the bullshit)” – Venka de Rooij, DutchByDesign.com

“Proved to be invaluable to us”

“Thank you very much for all your help to date, your understanding of the internet, PPC, Google and marketing in general has proved to be invaluable to us. We look forward to continuing to work with you Steve and will always value and listen to your input.” – Keith Rogers, Pickhill Building Solutions

“I experienced more sales than ever before”

“I decided to use Steve’s expertise in PPC management to improve my Adwords campaign. In a few short weeks, I experienced more sales in my process service & surveillance campaigns than ever before. Definitely the smartest marketing move I ever made.” – Jorge Salgado-Reyes, Salgado Investigations

“Clear, concise, focused and highly recommended”

“Steve took a look at my PPC campaign and his insight and advice was spot on. Clear, concise, focused and highly recommended. And he understands the bigger marketing picture too, which is very important.” – Alex Bellinger, Smallbizpod.co.uk

“I’m getting lots of enquiries – and more importantly, business!”

“My website wasn’t bringing in any business. I turned to Steve Gibson. He made changes to my site and marketed it online.

As a result, I’m getting lots of enquiries – and more importantly, business! – through my website and Steve’s work has already made a profit for me.

The quality of Steve’s work, combined with his integrity and willingness to go beyond the call of duty means I’d encourage anyone to talk to Steve about their marketing.” – Ian Gallagher, Classic Sinatra

“Sales conversions were up and costs were down”

“Steve immediately grasped our business aspirations & PPC objectives and organised our campaigns accordingly, with a wealth of marketing knowledge and PPC know how Steve improved our campaigns performance almost immediately. It wasn’t long before the benefits started to show, CTR was up, positioning was up, sales conversions were up and costs were down. Because of these factors we have decided to give Steve full control of our PPC campaigns enabling us up to concentrate on what we do best, selling holidays.” – Iain Williams, Williams Holidays

“Sky-rocketed Gross Business By Three-fold

“Steve, when first browsing your website, I thought that this was just another bulk-buying then re-selling- from-google type of sausage factory. I took a punt anyway and was most pleasantly surprised to realise after about two weeks that the tailor-made service was what I’d been missing as far as my marketing went.

I ended up with improved wording on my site, specifically focussed adwords and other marketing instructions and suggestions that when combined, sky-rocketed gross business by three-fold. Now, I can read restaurant menu from left to right again!

I’d say to anyone who is undecided, just hire Steve – you’ll get your money back and a lot more!

Pre-Steve: 1 case a day from 4 calls from 30 visitors.

Original target: 5 cases a day from 20 calls from 150 visitors

Achieved: 3 cases a day from 15-20 calls from 150+ visitors.

Not a bad result at all and well worth the monthly consultancy fee. I will retain his services until I achieve my goals.”

John Galt, bailiff-mediation.com

“You kind of have this knack of going for the jugular with your advice”

“Thanks for your feedback on my marketing idea. You’ve made some great points and definitely earned your fee. As ever, your incisive style is easy to take in and makes lots of sense. You kind of have this knack of going for the jugular with your advice and this is just what I need!” – Matthew Stroud, antiquework.co.uk

“More enquiries mean more profits!”

“Thank you Steve for the excellent and professional service in the re-writing of my website. Most importantly, it’s already making a difference to the number of visitors contacting me after reading. More enquiries mean more profits! Thanks.” – Sandy Hristov, Bulgaria Next Big Thing

“The enquiry level has increased”

“The enquiry level has increased since the new copy went live so
the work has clearly paid off and for that I thank you.” – Steven Havers, K9consultants.co.uk

“I increased my click through rates by 64% and 239%”

“”I run quite a few adwords campaigns for both myself and colleagues that run bricks and mortars businesses. I can normally acheive around 5-6% click through on my Adwords ads so whilst I’m no expert I consider myself reasonably proficient.

However, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Steve Gibson’s ‘How To Avoid Broad Match Disaster” report which having not only read it, I put it into practice. The results speak for themselves;

For August 2009

Keyword #1 18 clicks 285 impr. 6.32% CTR

Keyword #2 2 clicks 57 impressions 3.51% CTR

For September 2009

Keyword #1 27 clicks 272 impr. 9.93% CTR

Keyword #2 11 clicks 131 impressions 8.40% CTR

So implementing Steve’s advice and without spending a penny more per click I managed to increase my click through rate by 64% for keyword #1 and a whopping 239% for keyword #2.

Suffice to say if Steve Gibson has something to say about google adwords, be prepared to listen!” – Gary Kind, www.domorewithsage.com

“Steve knows what he is doing – he increased sales significantly”

“Until recently we’d grown our business organically through word of mouth but decided we wanted to increase sales through one of our websites. PPC was the obvious route, but not having the time to do it ourselves went with Steve. Great decision, Steve knows what he is doing. He increased sales significantly through the site without a huge budget.” Matthew Conridge, outdoorleisuredirect.co.uk>

“Will explode my company’s turnover”

“Steve Gibson has shown me a new way to market and service my customers that will explode my company’s turnover. I would recommend that any company wanting to improve their marketing contact Steve.” David Wilson, Time Business Appointments

“A sales letter that hits all the key selling points”

“Steve quickly grasped the complexities of my rather niche business, and
produced a sales letter that hits all the key selling points” – Matthew, www.dog-treat.co.uk

“He improved my adverts”

“Having created a google adword campaign for my site but not being able to manage it myself, I called upon Steve for help. In two months, he reorganised my keywords, and monitored and improved my adverts. The best part was when he managed to cut my PPC twice by 1 penny on all my keywords, hence making my budget work harder for me!.” – Bea Pozzera, www.justbeads.co.uk

“Absolute first class advice”

“Absolute first class advice. Within one session I was able to connect with what was missing from the company.From the advice that Steve has given to me, the value of my company (along with my self confidence) has gone sky high!! Thank you very much Steve, will continue to use your services.” Chelsea Patterson, owner, Yummy Mummy Events!

“The result is a much improved and more
effective sales message”

“I would like to thank Steve for the assistance he provided us by means of a very helpful critique of our sales letter. The flaws he pointed out to us have been rectified on his advice and the result is a much improved and more effective sales message.” Roger Thompson, TPS Test & Inspection Services

“Constructive solutions that do not cost the earth to implement”

“I was very impressed with the support and service offered by Steve Gibson, we have a mammoth task marketing our business and it was refreshing to work with someone that could immediately identify our issues and think outside of the box to come up with positive and constructive solutions that do not cost the earth to implement!” Russell Brigden – Managing Director, Appoint Direct Ltd