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Your Very Own Marketing Manager

If you’ve read the homepage, the 80% solution and Small changes mean big profits, you’ll understand what I would be doing for you.

So, on this page, I’m going to cover the details:

1. The cost
2. The Guarantee
3. Which businesses are eligible for this service
4. The first step – a free marketing audit

The Cost

We’ll agree beforehand how many days a month you need me to work for you. This usually means one day a month, one day a fortnight or, in some cases, one day a week. It all depends on how much work there is to be done and how fast you want your profits to grow.

My services are charged at a daily rate of: £320 (one day a month), £300 (one day per fortnight), £280 (one day each week). If there are months where you need more of my time, we can arrange that, too.

As the cost is spread out over a long period you should soon find that my fees are being paid out of the additional profits I’ve already generated for you.

Finally, if you’re in Edinburgh, I can work at your office. However, there’s a surcharge of £40 a day for this (to cover travelling time)

My Guarantee

My guarantee is simple: if my work doesn’t make you twice my fees in increased profits, I’ll give you back every penny you paid me.

Frankly, it’s not a high bar to clear – and I’ll be aiming to make you many times more than that – but this money-back guarantee, coupled with my no-risk marketing approach, means you’re not risking money by working with me.

How many other marketing consultants can say that?

Are you eligible?

As you will have read on the homepage, the first thing I do is to take existing marketing processes, and make them more profitable.

For that reason, I only take on Marketing Management clients that already have profitable marketing systems in place.

So, I’m sorry if you’re looking for someone to rescue a failing business, I don’t do that. It’s too risky to guarantee my work because struggling businesses often have problems so severe even the best marketing can’t help them

Similarly, if you’re a start up, I can’t offer you marketing management. That’s because start ups can fail for many reasons, and most of these have nothing to do with marketing. However, feel free to check out some of the marketing services I offer.

But, if your business is:

(1) Established and experiencing some level of success

(2) Able to handle an increase in sales of at least 30%

(3) Bringing in net sales of at least £100,000

(4) Legal, ethical and above board

you are eligible for this service.

Arrange Your Free Marketing Audit

Before we can agree to work together, we need to talk and I need to find out about your business and your marketing.

I have developed a process I call my “Marketing Audit” where I take you through a series of questions that helps me to understand your marketing.

This takes around 45 minutes and is usually done over the phone.

After this 45 minutes, we’ll have a good idea if:

(1) There’s room for significant improvement in your marketing.

(2) Whether I’m able to help you.

(3) Whether we’re likely to get on well and have a good working relationship.

These audits are no-obligation, however, I ask that you respect my time and you only ask for an audit if you’re serious about growing your business and you meet the criteria above.

To arrange an audit for your business, give me a call on 0131 531 3320 (office hours).

Best Wishes

Steve Gibson